Learning Numbers App is Easy as 123 – Numbers Flash Cards 123

960x640-flash123-itc-35-4We’re excited to announce that our newest education app Numbers Flash Cards 123 (and its free version Numbers Flash Cards 123 Lite) is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! These are simple, black and white flash card style pages featuring numbers and numerals 0-100 (lite version 0-21), narration and a coloring activity for tracing.

Numbers Flash Cards 123 is perfect for skill building and test prep and was created for children in preK, K, 1-2 ranges.

Created for parents and teachers to help their early learners with number recognition, Numbers Flash Cards 123 features in-app coloring activity to trace numbers as well as the ability to print out and color or trace. The flash cards include numeral and number words on the front with narration and tap repeat or tap for pronunciation only. These digital flash cards numbered zero through one hundred are perfect for number recognition, skill building and test preparation.

Numbers Flash Cards 123 on YouTube


  • Narration or Count to me: Follow along with proper pronunciation of the 123s as well as visually see the numeral and word number. Tap again to repeat pronunciation
  • Tap or I’ll count: For more advanced children, this allows them to count to themselves or out loud as well as tap the page for audio queues to reinforce the learning process
  • Coloring Activity Pages: Get interactive with your learning with in-app coloring activity pages for tracing numerals within the app
  • Printable Activity Pages: Print out the activity pages to help trace numerals for even more hands-on learning

We hope you enjoy our new education app for early learners PreK, K, 1-2! If you have any questions or comments about Numbers Flash Cards 123 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch feel free to reach out to us via our contact form or leave a comment below. And remember … Learn. Laugh. Leap!

Deedil apps are created by a teacher (mom) and tech geek (dad) duo who think learning is the coolest thing since sliced bread! The first app they created was Robot ABCs with Jinxie, an education app to that helps the little ones learn their ABCs like a robot! Of course, it has human narration too! Since creating their first app, they’ve been hard at work on their newest app series … simple flash cards that are to the point and make learning the priority … no distractions, no frills and no gimmicks. Their first of the series is Numbers Flash Cards 123, which features simple flash card style numbers and numerals 0-100 as well as a coloring activity to trace the numbers. It’s perfect for skill building and test prep for PreK, K and 1-2. There is also a free lite version that includes numbers and numerals 0-21 and a sample coloring/tracing activity. The best part about each Deedil app is that they are put through rigorous testing with the resident testers… daughter Kaylin and son Ryker. Seriously, they’re tech geniuses!

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2 comments on “Learning Numbers App is Easy as 123 – Numbers Flash Cards 123
  1. baylee45887@gmail.com says:

    Why don’t you try using digital flashcard? My favourite tool is Superflashcard. It is more convenient than flashcard by hand because of its great database and well-organized. This app allows for us to download and install free. It also combines sound which helps us improve listening skill.

    • deedil says:

      Definitely another great option. Our app does include narration and a coloring/tracing activity so I think it will definitely work too!

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