Sight Words Pre-Primer Flash Cards Full Version

sight words pre primer dolchSight Words are important! Give reading skills a jump start and learn to recognize these words with simple to use flash cards.

Includes 41 sight words for preschool and kindergarten.

Also includes activity sheets for in-app activities or for printing out.

The Sight Words Pre-Primer Flash Cards education app for iOS helps your kindergarten and first grade children and students learn their pre-primer (Dolch) words through visual, written and audio cues. Features activity pages to circle words and test their knowledge as well as the ability to print out. The flash cards include 41 pre-primer sight words based on Dolch Sight Words. It also features narration and tap repeat or tap for pronunciation only.

Sight Words Pre Primer for Flash Cards – sightwords for kids in preschool and kindergarten – Deedil

These skill drill pre-primer sight word flash cards are perfect for learning words that children will encounter most frequently in their reading as well as skill building and test prep!


  • Narration or Read to me: Follow along with 41 pre-primer sight words as well as visually see the word. Tap again to repeat pronunciation.
  • Tap or I’ll read: For more advanced children, this allows them to read to themselves or out loud as well as tap the page for audio queues to reinforce the learning process!
  • Activity Pages: Get interactive with your learning with activity pages for tracing words to test their knowledge. Also use these activities to test the child’s progress.
  • Printable Activity Pages: Print out the activity pages for even more hands-on learning!

Sight Words Pre-Primer Flash Cards:

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