Letters Flash Cards ABC app on AndroidClick here to download –> Numbers Flash Cards 123 app for Android that helps your PreK, K, 1-2 children and students learn their numbers through visual and audio queues from 0-100. The flash cards include numeral and number word on the front with narration and tap repeat or tap for pronunciation only.

These skill drill numbers zero through one hundred flash cards are perfect for number recognition and counting skills … skill building and test prep!


  • Narration or Count to me: Follow along with proper pronunciation of the 123s as well as visually see the numeral and word number. Tap again to repeat pronunciation.
  • Tap or I’ll count: For more advanced children, this allows them to count to themselves or out loud as well as tap the page for audio queues to reinforce the learning process!


Numbers Flash Cards 123:

  • Does not contain 3rd party ads.
  • Does not contain in-app purchases.
  • Does not contain integration with social networks.
  • Does not use analytics / data collection tools.

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